School Songs


    High above contented waters
    stands 'ol NHS
    we are loyal sons and daughters
    hail to blue and white

    for we’re mustangs born
    and we’re mustangs bred
    and when we’re gone
    we'll be mustangs dead

    for its rah rah Natalia 'talia
    rah rah Natalia 'talia
    rah rah Natalia high

    Fight you Mustangs!
    Fight you Mustangs!
    Fight! Fight! Fight!



    Natalia’s on the march
    to a victory! rah rah rah!
    nothing can stop us
    watch our boys go
    up the field and back again!
    Victory is ours…
    we’ll never stop, No No No!
    we love Natalia
    the game is ours!