• Welcome to Mrs. Holloway's 2nd grade!
     Week of October 31 spelling words:  light, sight, might, lighting, sighting, mighty, other, number, baby, cry, crying, try, trying, dry, drying
    High frequency words:  different, number, other, who, call, out 
    *  Parents, during the first nine weeks we read the reading selection tests with the students, but starting on Friday, we will no longer be doing this.  Students will be reading the test silently and on their own.  That's one of the many reasons that it's vital that your child read with you for at least 20 minutes each night.  
    Week of October 24-28  Spelling Words:  eat   need   mean   baby   he   leaf   queen    seek    pony   we   train   stay   word   morning   against
    High frequency words:  morning   straight    against   word   now   buy 
    Week of October 17-21  Same spelling words as last week:  main   wait   said   tail   train   jay   pay   stay   hay   may   rope   nose   island   special   though
    High frequency words:  though   island   special   over   does   don't 
    Week of October 3-7  Review and Unit test - no new spelling words or high frequency words.  Please review all previous! 
    * I have put the ConnectEd link on our Helpful Resources page for ease of use 
    *Parents, I will be sending home a paper with information for logging into our Texas Treasures reading content online.  Your child will  have his or her own user name and password, and they will use these to log on. Once there, they may access content I have assigned.  The entire reading book is there, and several activities and games for reading practice.  I will add content weekly, so check back on Mondays.  I will also try to leave content available so that you may go back to it at any time. 
    Spelling words, week of Sept. 5-9
    went   tell   pet   job   fog   not   tug   hut   tub   bun   fix   has   another   move   year 
    Spelling words, week of Sept. 12-16 
    bag, cap, ham, bake, ate, mad, back, cape, made, rake, fog, tug, English language, understand
    Spelling words, week of Sept. 19-23
    did, fin, pick, line, pipe, rip, mix, five, side, hike, cape, made, because, off, picture 
    *High frequency words - give, off, drink, picture, because, friends* 
     Spelling words week of Sept. 26-30
    box,  fox  dog  lock  pot  cone   home  nose  poke  rope  side  line  America  world  country
    *High frequency words - America  country  world  house  work  long*