• Classroom Rules and Consequences:
    Follow directions quickly- Stay on task
    Raise your hand for permission to speak (blurting takes another student's chance to respond and how I know where I need to help them.)
    Be kind to others (in and out of the classroom- this means being quiet in the halls/restroom while other classes are in session).
    Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat
    Positive choices are encouraged
    1. 1st clip drop- 5 min spent walking/running and reflecting on how to make better choices. 
    2. 2nd clip drop- 10 min spent doing the above 
    3. 3rd clip drop- all recess walking/running (see #1)   *** All students have a chance to move their clips back to Ready to Learn even after dropping it by making better choices.
    4. *Once consequence is completed (loss of recess), their clip is moved back to 'Ready to Learn' .


    Ready to learn- Plain smiley face

    Move clip up once- fancy smiley face

    Move up clip twice - Smiley face with WOW

    Move clip up three times- sticker on reward chart               ** 5 stickers on reward chart

                                                                                                          Treasure Chest


  • Class Schedule:
    0730- Breakfast in class
    0755- 1st Tardy Bell
    *Once breakfast wagon returns to cafeteria, breakfast in over
    0810-10:00 ELAR (English Language Arts & Guided Reading)
    10:00-10:20- Recess
    10:25- 10:30- Prepare and walk to lunch
    10:30- 11:00- Lunch
    11:00-1245- Math
    12:50-1:40 Specials (M-Art, T-Library, W-PE, Th- Music, F-PE)
    1:45-2:15  Soc. Studies
    2:15-3:00 Science
    3:05- In class prepare to dismiss
    3:15- Prepare to dismiss in hall
    3:20- Dismissal 
  • Parents:

    Your student should be reading 20 minutes every night.  This will not only build up their fluency, but also give them confidence when they reading.  

    Although, we do not 'test' on spelling words, students are responsible to know the spelling patterns we use in these words, vocabulary words and our high frequency words (HFW).  We review these several times a day.  *Students are responsible for writing them in their planner every week.  These words are also practiced in centers and independent work time.

    Please continue to work with them on their sight words. Please see me if you need a list of these words.

    Math homework is given at least three times a week.  *Students should continually be practicing math addition & subtraction facts, skip counting by 2,5,and 10 in addition to what is sent as homework.

    Periodically, we have science or social studies homework.  An example of this may be to interview a family member for a history research assignment.

    Please..., anytime you do not understand an assignment, please send me a remind text or email or call the office.  I am always willing to walk you through whatever we are learning in class and the strategies we use to do our assignments.

    Thank you for your support!

    Mrs. Heickman