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Mr. Fernando Garza - Term Expires: 2024

Welcome to Natalia ISD!  Our school board is determined in supporting and providing a learning environment that will meet the needs of all students.  Children have a desire to learn and be successful regardless of their background or socioeconomic status. Natalia ISD’s administration works diligently at recruiting and retaining a staff that is able to successfully meet and overcome the challenges of current educational needs.  Our teachers share a common goal of professional collaboration and practice creative instructional methods that give every student an opportunity to be successful. In addition to Natalia ISD’s educational practices, it is crucial that all parents and guardians take the time to be involved with all aspects of their children’s learning experience.  Taking a personal interest in your child’s educational experience will provide the needed support and increased success rate at reaching their educational goals now and beyond graduation.

My name is Fernando Garza, and I have two children that have attended Natalia ISD since Pre-K and K.  My family moved to Medina County in 2009. I’m a former educator and currently work with public safety in San Antonio.  I joined the school board to provide support for our educational community and its students to improve academic growth. I believe that if our community practices a culture of educational excellence, our children will be better prepared and equipped not only to overcome the challenges of today but also throughout their lives.  Our school board meetings are held the 4th Monday of each month at the JH cafeteria, 6:30 pm. Please take time to share “your ideas” in providing continuous educational improvement during our public comments portion of the school board meeting. Together we can ensure our students' success!