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ELEMENTARY TEACHER OF THE MONTH Mrs. Karen Johnson has worked with Natalia ISD for 5 years as a 2nd grade reading teacher and then as the RtI teacher. This school year, Mrs. Johnson has also been given the responsibility of being the Dyslexia and GT teacher for grades 3-5. Mrs. Johnson also serves as a mentor for teachers who need additional support. On any given day, you will find her positive, energetic, and always with a smile on her face. She works well with her colleagues and as a leader on the Elementary campus.

ECC TEACHER OF THE MONTH: Mrs. Tanya Cumbra made the choice last year to move from Pre-Kindergarten to Kindergarten. She has made the transition from Pre-K teacher to Kindergarten teacher smoothly. Mrs. Cumbra utilizes various instructional practices that benefit the students such strong classroom management and differentiation. Mrs. Cumbra has also taken on the responsibility of being a mentor to her colleagues. Her positive attitude is reflective in her students attitudes. Her students respond well to her as a teacher and they are always excited about learning and engaged with the lesson. She works well with her Kindergarten colleagues and acts as an instructional leader on the ECC campus.




Natalia Elementary and ECC honored two individuals (Monica Garza and Vanessa Garcia) as teachers of the month for September. These teachers serve as teacher-leaders on their respective campuses and have both been important in starting the new academic year well. We are fortunate to have both of these individuals working on our campuses and educating Natalia’s students.

Vanessa Garcia-
“Walking into her classroom, it is evident that she uses proven instructional practices into her classroom. Her students are engaged, her lesson presented in a manner that is interesting and understandable to her students. She is a dedicated professional who shows genuine care for helping her students to be successful.” –Eric Booth

Monica Garza-
“It is evident that she enjoys helping students to be successful. She finds a way to communicate difficult concepts or ideas to students in a way that they comprehend and can use to master the lesson. Additionally, as both campuses go through the process of merging and combining staff, Monica has been helpful in that she works on both campuses and has helped make for a smooth transition going into the new school year.” –Eric Booth